Sunday, September 04, 2005


This post is brought to you by LunaNiƱa and my surpise!
  1. Julie:: Snyder
  2. Emotional:: breakdown
  3. Head of household:: Big Brother (not my favourite show, but I watched a couple episodes when I was home alone over the summer and bored)
  4. Diva:: drama queen
  5. Devastation:: Katrina
  6. Business or pleasure:: decision
  7. Crown:: Prince
  8. Eastern:: Roman Empire (The Byzantime Empire was cool! Sadly they missed the beginning of the American (i.e. post 1492--and I mean the New World, not the United States) era by only 39 years!! :'( )
  9. Buzzed:: drunk
  10. Officer:: license and registration (No, I've never been pulled over, just seen too many cop shows, ;-))

Well nothing too terribly exciting or unusual there, right? Well I do have something else...:-) Here is a hint:

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Yep, I have a cell phone! :-) Now I have to share 800 minutes with my brother-in-law, sister, and the two oldest nephews share the fourth phone. However, this shouldn't be a problem as we have free Sprint-to-Sprint and nights (starting 21:00 Eastern) and weekends are free! :-) Yeah, I might start calling some of you on the west coast now--at least occasionally. The phone was completely free at Best Buy! I love that store...:-) Well more news later, I'm off to play with my phone. It is a Samsung A740. I wouldn't have gotten one so nice if it hadn't been free with the plan--I don't care about pictures as I have a much better digital camera and don't ever plan to pay for sending pictures...*shrugs* But I can have pictures as my phone's background now, so that is cool! Right now I have one of my two local neices.


Friday, September 02, 2005

Howling good questions

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Thanks to the Back Porch! No personal data in this post, but hopefully more tonight after I return from work.

::Timber Wolves of the North::

Onesome: Timber Wolves-- What do you think about collectables? Do you have any geegaws like wolves or dragons or crystals or tea cups and such hanging around the place? ...or maybe on your back in the form of a shirt or jacket? Oh, I enjoy them. I have a small wolf figurine, and I wish I had more. I enjoy such things on my bookshelves, which are usually wide enough to have some things on the shelf in front of the books. I also really like wolf clothing--yeah, can you tell by anything around here that I like wolves? :-D I also like dragons, but it is hard to find well drawn (and to my taste) dragon stuff that isn't really expensive. Though I do have a couple very nice prints from Michael Whelan, an excellent artist who does quite a bit of book cover art, especially dragons.

Addendum (after reading Mark's post--thanks for the mention, btw, ;-)): I also collect books, like Mark, and I have a personal library of between 1,200-1,500 I think--but most are in storage so I don't have a real accurate count. I have a couple "collectible" volumes in that they were signed by the author. Here is one--I purchased it at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas on my last trip with Mark. Other than that I do have some old volumes, including some from the mid-1800s, :-). I purchased some on eBay and some at book sales. These are some of my favourites, especially old atlases and geography books.

Twosome: of the -- Speaking of the clothes on your back, what is your favorite 'lounge around' stuff? You know, the type of thing you put on to eat ice cream and watch an old movie? Ah, this is quite easy--just jeans and a T-shirt. Of course at some point I started tucking my shirts in. Oh, and they have to be cargo pants so I can have pens in the right hand pocket and my wallet in the left, ;-). I don't like wearing things without pockets. *shudder*

Threesome: North-- What's "North" to you? Is it the Mason-Dixon line? ...the Canadian border? ...the Arctic Circle (for Mary) ...or something a little less defined? ...and how far "North" have you been? I've been to the Canadian national parks of Jasper and Banff--that is about as far north. That summer we went through the American Glacier, Canadian Waterton, Jasper, Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, Glacier, and Revelstoke and then swung down through Vancouver, Washington and Oregon. I think we also stopped by the coastal Redwoods on the way home. Anyway, north is way up there. I've traveled and read quite a bit so something like say Ohio is just a bit up there, it isn't really true north. Alaska, Siberia, Scandanavia, and the Canadian Artic are North. :-)