Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Now that's old

A month or two ago (was it all the way back in July?) I went to theaters and watched Die Hard or Live Free (the fourth movie in the Die Hard franchise) despite the fact that I'd not seen any of the previous films.  I enjoyed the movie.  I recently procured the earlier movies and right now I'm watching the first.  I think it was made in the late eighties--obvious from the clothes, music, etc...  But here is the best indicator.  The movie is set in Southern California, never a region of low prices.  I was just watching a scene when I realized that there was a gas station sign in focus.  Here is what it said:
Regular .74 9/10

Yeah, not 3.74, or even 1.74, but 74 cents per gallon!  Now that's old!!


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