Monday, January 24, 2011

Cleaning Discoveries

I've been cleaning things out recently and have found some interesting things that I'd long ago forgotten about.

Have you ever heard the line ignorance is bliss?  A while ago I wrote a twist on that: "Yea verily I walk through the valley of the shadow of ignorance, but I know no bliss."

I also found a bookmark from a place called "The Bookstore" with an amusing tagline that they have been "serving the community since last Tuesday."

And lastly (well it isn't the last thing I found, but the last I'll post about) I found a letter from Mark Baker.  Mark works for the accounting department at The Master's College.  One day he had to send me a letter saying that the college records showed a check to me hadn't been cashed and he slightly tweaked the form letter:
"Please respond on the bottom of this letter and return to me at Box #35 or stop by my office in Vider Hall.  Or talk to me at dinner.  Or at my apartment.  Or on the way to my apartment.  Or on the way back to the dorm from my apartment.  Or in your dorm room."

Ah, memories... :-)


Dated Technology

I'm cleaning today and found this old document. Technology sure dates itself. This brochure is from a 100MB zip drive! Infinite storage? ;-) It did seem big at the time...


PS Here is the receipt from that purchase back in March 2000...

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amusing Advertisement

I just saw an amusing ad on Facebook.  I liked their phrasing:

We made a faster Internet
We created High Speed Internet in our lab, raised it, trained it, and then fed it vitamins.
It almost makes me want to click on the ad just because of its cleverness.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is it cold?

I'll even admit that this is cold, coat wearing weather.


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Friday, January 07, 2011

Snowy Traffic

It started snowing this afternoon. It wasn't too much, just enough to make the roads dangerous. I ended up leaving work late, around 6:45. I didn't get home until 8:15!

The drive normally takes me 20 minutes. You can see how bad traffic was on this screenshot above. The interstate wasn't actually that bad, whereas I'd heard that other roads were nasty. The problem was people heading in other directions. I was quite glad to get home and heat up something for dinner.


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Thursday, January 06, 2011

House Reads Constitution

I hope this turns out to be far more than a "political stunt." I think it may be good for some people to hear the text of the Constitution. I remember reading some time ago that many lawyers and others had never even read it.

I'll admit that as a history and political studies major I read more historical documents than most--but I think the Constitution should be required reading for all students before they leave high school so they can understand more about where our government comes from. There is little chance most people can understand things like the tax code or food regulations...but the Constitution, the "supreme law of the land" isn't hard to understand.


Attempted Hijacking Foiled by Fellow Passengers

Turkish Man Overpowered by Passengers After Attempting to Hijack Plane | The Gateway Pundit

A Turkish man was overpowered by passengers after he attempted to hijack a plane from Oslo, Norway to Istanbul. He said he had a bomb and attempted to storm the cockpit.

I've said for a while that I think things like this would happen if terrorists tried to hijack planes again. I don't think people want another 9/11, so they'll be willing to protect the plane from attempted hijackers.


Website music

Have you ever visited a website that immediately started playing a song?  I strongly dislike websites that do that--especially when I have to hunt around and figure out how to turn it off.  Sometimes when I can't find the switch right away I just leave the website, ignoring whatever it was I came to see.  This morning I visited a site that had a wonderful, prominent link to turn the music off!  It wasn't bad music, and I might even listen if I go back, but I really appreciated the link.

Last night I visited City Barbecue with my friends Kyle and Amanda...and it was good food.  As I'm off today I decided to poke around their website and see if I could learn more about the store (yes, I'm slightly bored as I've read most of the blogs I keep up on and Facebook posts).  As I said the page loaded with music, and then I saw a link at the top of the page: Stop the music!.  It was a wonderful sight.  :-)


PS Apparently the restaurants are local to the Tri-State (Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky).  But if you like barbecue and are in the area they're well worth visiting!