Monday, June 04, 2012

Passport to Adventure

I've had several National Parks passport books over the years. I still have my first one, but unfortunately I didn't have it with my one time at a park and I ended up buying another one. That one was only used once and was then left at home (I don't have a stamp from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island though I did visit them). My third (and hopefully final) book is kept in my car do it is handy.

Whenever I visit a unit of the National Park Service I look for the cancellation station and stamp my passport book. I really enjoy it and it is a great way to track visits. I hope to do this when we have kids someday also.

Recently I discovered a Passport app developed by Eastern National and I downloaded it immediately. It has a couple purposes. I input all of my visits from all three books (thus the above number indicating I've been to 32 parks). It is also helpful in finding where cancellation stations are located in each park.

Lastly I've looked up the parks that are along the remainder of our route and I've marked them as parks to visit. Hopefully we'll be able to visit all nine! Then someday I'll go back to New York City and properly record my visit.

If you visit National Parks frequently or even semi-frequently then check out the passport program. It is quite a bit of fun. I've thoroughly enjoyed it since I was a kid.


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