Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow commute

This morning's commute wasn't a short one. Normally I drive into Cincinnati in 15-20 minutes (it is 10 minutes sans traffic). Today it took me 50 minutes, which I'm sure isn't as long as some.

I saw some interesting tracks on the front porch as soon as I walked outside.

Here was the view out front (last night the road and sidewalk had been completely clear after Monday's storm).

The view down the street.

A closeup of my car.

Dixie Highway was the clearest road along my route. 

As I approached I75/71 I could see traffic was nasty. 

At one point the lanes had shifted out of alignment. We were creeping along under 5 MPH for most of this stretch. 

The lower deck of the Brent Spence wasn't terrible. 

Here was my first glimpse of Union Terminal. 

The last bit wasn't clear, but not too bad. Thankfully the employee parking lot was mostly clear. 

On a positive note I got to listen to plenty of my current audiobook, a lecture on the early Middle Ages.


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