Monday, January 24, 2005

Things are looking up

I have been ignoring this blog, yes. But I've not been ignoring my life, I've been living it and journaling (yah know, that pencil and paper thing). Tomorrow I'll come down here and update my blog with the events I've been journaling instead of typing. Perhaps if I wasn't tied to a desktop monitor until I take my computer in to be fixed I'd be typing more entries, but I have to come down to the basement to go on-line on my computer, so I'm not always down here so much.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Movies, Movies

Okay...its been a bit since my last update... Where to begin. Oh, what the heck, I'll go with the most recent, :-). My nephews (the two older ones) and I watched The Village tonight. I really enjoyed the movie. Just as with Signs it wasn't horror but more what I would call "suspensful drama." I was also pleasantly surprised by the director's movements with the movie...all around a good show. Last night we rented The Day After Tomorrow as The Village was out of stock. It was definately very liberal and Hollywood sensationalist, but a fun flick with good visual effects. I would recomend it as light entertainment if you know that the "moral" is nonsense. :-)

Yeah, Chris is going to bed, so I need to cut this post short. Okay, so I've been lazy...but also busy with other things! Really! :-) I'll really try to be better about updating this. Later...


Friday, January 14, 2005

One More Step

Well I now officially own my van! :-) Yesterday my dad and I went down to Kenton county's second county courthouse (the rural, less busy one) and transferred title. The Sheriff's inspection of the vehicle cost $5.00 and registration (including the license plate) was only $25. :-) It definately would have been more in California! The sheriff asked me where in California I was from and I told him "two miles from Disneyland," figuring as I usually do that more people will understand that than saying "Garden Grove." However as he gave me a blank look I hurridly said, "LA, Southern California." It turns out that he was in the marines in the early fifties and was stationed at Camp Pendleton. He hasn't been out to California since so Disneyland doesn't really mean anything to him, but I'm surprised that he hasn't heard of it...

Everybody at the office was quite nice and the experience was nothing like a California DMV office with its very long lines and waits--it only took us a few minutes and a couple signatures to finalize the process. I need to go find a wrench so that I can go take off my California plates and put on my new Kentucky one (yeah, out here you just get one plate).

Oh, one more thing about yesterday. After I parked back here at the house my dad was walking in front of the van to get to the house when he looked down into the storm drain. Below him there were two huge balls of fur--two fat racoons! As I approached one uncurled himself and jumped down into the drain, presumably to move along its length to wherever he would get our or his den was. The other followed not long after.

Today I need to look through the classifieds and to start calling local school districts to ask what I need to do to sign up for substitute teaching. I'm going to go upstairs now to get dressed and get all that done.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mark's Fault!!

Yeah, that is is all Mark's fault! First we go over to his apartment to watch Enterprise, then he gets me hooked on Babylon 5, then he gets me hooked on Lost because Mira Furlan (sp?) guest stars, then last night I get into Alias because I watch it after Lost. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Matt ;-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Okay, today I officially became the insurance owner on my vehicle, though it is not yet in my name--that should happen tomorrow. I've also purchased a AAA membership. Now that I think about it everything seems quite strange, changing everything to my address here in Kentucky has a final feel to it. Oh...speaking of final my sister and brother-in-law have officially made the adoption of their seventh child legal...they have custody of him now and will be returning to the US whenever they can get a flight. It will be the first time that I'll see him, though most of the family saw him this last summer.

I really should write more, but I also really need to get up to bed. Tonight's episode of Lost was great... Grrr Mark, why did you get me hooked? I can't wait for each new episode to air!!! :-) I also watched a few minutes of Napoleon Dynamite with my nephews with the commentary on (after watching it for the first time last night). It was, um, stupid, but also funny, and seemed quite realistic (in its feel, not necessarily every action). Okay, I'm just randomly rambling here...I need to quit and try to give y'all a good entry on the morrow. Until then, buenas noches amigos.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Two Down

Well this morning I signed myself up at one temp agency and put my resume and an application in at a local bank. After a bit I'll be heading down to another temp agency to fill out all their paperwork. While I did wake up with more wracking coughs my throat is nearly better and I'm enjoying the day more than I have the past few. The house is actually peaceful as several of the kids are at school and the little ones here are behaving themselves.


Monday, January 10, 2005

To Cross a Nation

Well I didn't quite cross the entire nation...but I went from only 20 or so miles from the Pacific Ocean to only 1.6 states away from the Atlantic. As promised here are my journal entries from the journey.

Motel 6, Kingman, Arizona 01.03.2005 22:06-

We left the house late today, not later than intended (no specific start time other than around noon was planned) but later than would be normal for a summer trip. We drove through patches of rain and dark clouds throughout the day. One time thick fog blanketed the hill beside the highway; I'm not sure how my picture turned out [it isn't bad, but doesn't show all of the fog bank]. I think that I drove perhaps a fifth or quarter of th time today. REally it wasn't that bad and after a good night's sleep I'm sure I'll be good for more tomorrow. I would have dozed off after my shift if I'd not been reading on my computer. At my sister's I'd opened the thread for Rust Red's Firestarter episode [but you have to read the other episodes first, I have them in .doc format--they are better than many published Star Trek novels I've read]. After much maneuvering of my malfunctioning screen I began to pick up where I'd left off. I didn't want to close my computer until I was done (with this excellent story) and so I kept going until I finished right outside the motel office. Right now I'm laying with my head on my (not the hotel's) pillow and legs off the side of the bed, ready to switch to my new devotional journal.

PS I fell asleep for a bit while writing in my devo journal, thus the lack of an ending time. --01.04.2005

I-40, Eastbound, east of Gallup, New Mexico 01.04.2005 16:16-16:21

We just passed an agnostic road sign reading "Gusty Winds May Exist." :-) The day has been precipitation filled with snow from just beyond Kingman, Arizona to perhaps (in my dad's estimation) 25 miles beyond Flagstaff. At some points we took it quite carefully, though my mom and I took pictures of teh "winter wonderland" scenery. Only a light drizzle is falling now though I see some patches of snow.

Microtel Inn and Suites, Albuquerque, New Mexico 01.04.2005 22:08-22:16

The rest of the day was mostly uneventful though I managed some good shots in a rest area and got in an hour nap that ended as we arrived in Albuquerque. I just finished up talking with my sister Cheryl, always something that I enjoy doing. I'm listening to Kutless as I write drown out Mom & Dad's devotions. I shall now switch to my devotional journal and randomly selected scriptures for my own devotions.

PS Pride Away by Kutless is quite appropriate background music for reading the end of Job (38--) --22:18

Irish Inn, Shamrock, Texas 01.05.2005 23:17-23:27

I might be listening to Kutless or Evanessence (sp?) if my computer was working. Grrr... I believe that the current problems are just related to the screen and I'll hopefully be able to use an external monitor as I back-up data [I can and I am].

Today was a pretty good day as we crossed northern New Mexico. Fortunately we managed to get two stations (Alburquerque and then Amarillo) of talk radio: Rush Limbaugh, Paul Harvey, Sean Hannity, and Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story.

When we stopped at a Texas Traveller's Information point near Amarillo we found out that roads were quite bad in Oklahoma. Though we had hoped to reach Elk City (OK) we settled for Shamrock Texas, not far from teh border. This also means that we will be able to hit the [Oklahoma] visitor center tomorrow.

Springdale, Arkansas 01.06.2005 22:00-22:30

This morning we rushed to the breakfast buffet after sleeping in. On the way back to the room we discovered that the van wouldn't start. After an hour of waiting the local AAA contractor got the van started (also after three attempts) we left for Oklahoma City along I-40 we saw ice in the ditches and coating all the tree branches (the latter were quite beautiful, especially when the sun was shining through later).

My throat was quite sore today, making it difficult to swallow. As a result I didn't drive, fearing I would be too uncomfortable and distracted.

At the suggestion of our host (a college friend of my parents) I just watched "Last of the Summer Wine" from the BBS. It was funny but quite strange [and definately very British humour].

Nolensville, Tennessee 01.07.2005 22:37-22:45?

We left the house at seven something this morning and by the time we left Wal-Mart with my generic Day-Quill in hand it was 07:30, our designated start time. Travelling through Little Rock and Memphis towards Nashville we encountered heavy rains much of the day. A combination of Day-Quill and Advil reduced the pain to a point where I could swallow and concentrate easier. I took my turn driving twice, the second for an hour or sow leaving Memphis (in heavy rain).

We had a good meal of chili and cornbread, though because of my throat I couldn't finish a full bowl [:(]. My brother and sister-in-law have just retired upstairs and I am about to start my devotions. Hopefully I can get to sleep before the Ny-Quill I took at 19:10 wears off :).

Nolensville, Tennessee 01.09.2005 08:04-08:12

Yesterday was a relaxing day, I even managed to feel as if I slept in though I woke coughing [quite] a bit. I helped the boys out with some Lego building. They had been trying to build a castle. I helped them expand it[,] fixed the portcullis so it could be raised and lowered and added a drawbridge. For the last I had to bring in my own castle to duplicate the machinery.

My brother and dad spent much of the day working on dovetailed boxes in the garage. At dinner (a nice meal of rice, corn, and salmon :) ) my dad and I opened our birthday gifts (as they would be too difficult to carry for so long). They were nice new flannel shirts like the one the boys got me for Christmas. [And it was my sister-in-law's idea to open the gifts early, not ours.]

Last night I fell asleep doing my devotions :( so I'll finish those later today. This morning I woke up with racking coughs which aren't bothering me at this very moment.

I-65, Northbound, north of Nashville, Tennessee 01.09.2005, 10:51-10:53

I just saw billboards advertising the sale of fireworks by Nervous Charlie and then Sad Sam.

I-65, Northbound, north of English, Kentucky 01.09.2005 15:49-15:52

Apparently we've passed at least three dead deer today, though I only saw the first (while I was driving). Also while driving I saw the National Corvette museum in Bowling Green. Right now we are listening to my soundtrack from Master and Commander.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Patience is a Virtue

Since my nephew Chris is so impatient I offer you this meager post. I left my journal out in my van and I'm too tired to get it so that I can update my blog with news of the trip. I do however leave notice that I intend to rectify this problem on the morrow by inputing the data that I recorded on my cross-country journey. Good night all.


PS Oh yeah, this post means that I have arrived back in Kentucky, safe and sound though with a sore throat and cough that I hope will be cleared up before I get any job interviews.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

On the Road

I'm reporting in from Shamrock, Texas where we're staying at the Irish Inn on our cross-country moving trip. I'm keeping a journal that I'll post when I'm at a reliable internet connection (this is a computer in a motel lobby). So I'll have much news by the start of the new week at the latest.


20:08 CST

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ring It In, Ring It In

Hey, at least out here on the East Coast (well at least EST...I'm several hundred miles away from the ocean) I get to see the new year three hours earlier than y'all by the Pacific Ocean. :-) Not that I wouldn't rather be watching the end of 2004 from wonderful California, but I'm here so I have to look for benefits to that instead of regretting that which I cannot have. Have a wonderful new year all! I'll be leaving at 06:00 and so I shan't be updating for a while.