Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First time at the Magic Kingdom

This week we're visiting Disney World with part of Amy's family.  I've been to Disneyland before, but this is my first time to visit Disney World--and also Abigail's first time.  I wasn't sure how much she would appreciate things, but from what we've seen thus far she is really taking things in and enjoying many bright colors and interesting sights.

Yesterday Amy picked up a first visit button for Abigail.  I think she definitely approved of the button as she started to try and eat it immediately, ;-).  We spent most of the day inside the Magic Kingdom yesterday--which felt "more Disney" to me than EPCOT.  I really enjoyed EPCOT, but it wasn't the Disney I was familiar with as there isn't a similar park in California--and as I said, I've only seen California Disney before (while Amy has never been to Disneyland, though we did visit California's Downtown Disney on our trip last November).

Abigail enjoyed riding the tea cups with Mommy, Uncle Josh, and Granddad.  Daddy considers them evil (way, way too much turning), but Mommy really loves them.

For lunch we went to the new Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland.  It was an interesting experience.  Abigail definitely looks like she knows there is a very strange guy in the background of this picture.

Needless to say she did sleep at times because she got quite tired out by the day (and she is only nine months old).  It was great to have grandma and granddad to watch her while Amy, Josh, and I ran around a bit on our own.

Abigail's family has a tradition that they always get a Dole Whip whenever they visit Disney World (it is located near to the Tiki Room as Dole is the sponsor for that amazing attraction).  [Correction, apparently this is the first time they've had Dole Whips--but according to their research they thought they sounded delicious.]  It is pineapple soft serve and quite delicious.  I had never had one before--but I'll definitely get more in the future.  Abigail also quite enjoyed her first taste of this delicious dessert.  After this she even got so anxious for more that she grabbed Amy's spoon and accidentally got a huge gob on the side of her face.

I was proud of Abigail for grabbing onto the sword.  I think she did a good job of trying to pull it out of the stone.  Sadly she wasn't successful.

All in all it was a rather fun day and I think Abigail is rather enjoying things.  Hopefully she'll also really enjoy Animal Kingdom!