Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

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How could I forget to blog about this? *sigh* Sometimes I'm so dense I astonish myself. ;-)

I saw the trailer for the movie (to be released December 09) when I went to see Episode III yesterday and I immediately wrote a note so that I wouldn't forget about it. It was awesome in the theater, but a downloaded version still has all the music, even if it isn't surround sound on a giant screen.

Disney is distributing the movie, but thankfully they didn't make it. Walden Media is the company producing the movie and apparently they were founded by a Christian. With that fact and what I saw of the trailer I have high hopes for the movie. I know it can't be perfect (I have some small gripes about The Lord of the Rings after all ;-)) but overall it looks to be good. It is definately about time that these books get a decent treatment, after the old BBC productions that look sadly antiquated today.


PS Go to either or Apple's Movie Trailer section to view the trailer.

William Howard Taft

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As I mentioned earlier my nephew and I went to the birthplace and childhood home of William Howard Taft, 27th President of the United States and 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the only person in our nation's history to hold both positions. It was a fascinating tour and I learned many things about the man. Not only did he hold the two positions above but he also served as Secretary of War, Governor General of the Philippines, Solicitor General of the United States (the official responsible for arguing the government's cases before the Supreme Court) as well as several judgeships. He was in public service for about fifty years of his life, only retiring from the Court (his dream job) a month before his death in 1930.

I'm definately going to be planning further historic trips around the region--perhaps to other historic houses in the area (though they're all private museums charging admission) or places like Kentucky's State Park at Big Bone Lick or the small Kentucky town of Rabbit Hash on the Ohio River (see this article for more information or search Google). Then whenever I manage to find myself a full-time position where I can eventually get vacation time I plan to start taking trips to places a bit further away like D.C., Civil War battlefields, and other historic places.


Section 77

If any of you reading this are unable to access the Section 77 Annex then rest assured that I am unable to do so as well. I can read all posts but for some reason the flood control message comes up when I attempt to post (though it should only remain active for 5 seconds after each post). I will try to look into the problem.



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Well in a few minutes I'll be heading off to the William Howard Taft National Historic Site with my nephew Chase. I've known about the place for a while, and decided it the time was finally right to take a field trip, ;-).

Oh, I also just got back from dropping off the two older boys at school. They go in later because of finals schedule. I was making a comment about how I've not been as prolific in my reading when one commented that I shouldn't always use such advanced vocabulary. Then as he got out of the car he firmly commented that "I don't flaw my grammar." The irony was so delicious, I couldn't stop laughing.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blonde Joke

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Normally I don't read many on-line jokes, but after Ridureyu shared this one I couldn't resist. Please click the picture above, or here if you're too lazy to move the mouse that far.



Image hosted by Photobucket.comNo the phone I use isn't actually that old, ;-). My phone is actually newer than the one my supervisor has in her office! Of course I don't have an office, I just have a corner of a conference room that I get to use every couple weeks when I go in and schedule people to work.

I went in to the museum this afternoon to start work on my new position. Much of the time was spent figuring things out, but I think that what I got done went well. I'll just have to find out when I go in next Monday for a special mid-bi-weekly time to wrap some early things up. Well enough about work.

Tonight I watched one of the movies that I have out from the library, Clear and Present Danger. It was an decent movie--but as far as keeping to the book or the spirit of the book I rate it just a bit below the disaster that was The Sum of all Fears (please don't get me started on the idiocy of that one!!). Harrison Ford definately pulled off another good performance as Jack Ryan, but were they on crack when they picked John Clark? I really can't think of many people that would be worse for the role than the one they picked, *shudder* And then they killed off several characters that were supposed to live (they made important appearances in later Clancy novels). *sigh* It has been a while since I've read the book so I wouldn't have minded most changes, but these ones were just too drastic.

Well Blogger is down right now so I'm typing this up in Notepad to save for later if the service doesn't come back soon. Let me think. What else is there? Oh yeah, Dune.

I've been listening to an unabridged (the only way I'll go) reading of the Dune prequel The Butlerian Jihad whenever I'm driving in my car. It has been quite interesting, though I'm hoping the authors didn't bite off more than they could chew trying to tie so many threads together--however I think I see some of them beginning to intertwine, so they've probably done a good job.

Well Blogger is back up and I don't really have that much more to say. I'm going in to work tomorrow so I should get to sleep somewhat early--it remains to be seen if I actually will, ;-).


Monday, May 16, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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Well I just got home a bit ago--well actually a bit longer than a bit since I went downstairs to watch CSI in between the time I opened up this editing box and when I started typing. ;-) However it was for a good cause, CSI Miami had a good episode tonight--but then I do enjoy most of them. But, more importantly, back to the movie. I don't want to spoil it for those of you that haven't seen it, but I must say, er, type a few things.

1. You must stay through the credits. Just trust me on this one. If you don't you'll hear about what happens from someone else and you'll kick yourself. Heck, the chances are that you'll really hate yourself because you won't have a chance to see anything again until you rent or buy the DVD.

2. Don't Panic! a) Now it has been quite a while since I've read the book version of HHGttG, but I've listened to some of the radio drama somewhat recently. I really need to go back and finish that. I'm pretty sure that they made some somewhat drastic changes to parts of the movie (when compared with the book)--but I've said several times to my friends that this wouldn't matter too much to me. Douglas Adams originally created HHGttG as a radio drama for the BBC, then it was reincarnated in many forms including a television show, several novels, the recent movie, and more! IIRC Adams said that he didn't consider any version of the Guide authentic unless it contradicted each of the other versions, which was certainly true of those completed before he died.

2. b) Additionally I believe that the changes were done in the spirit of Adams' insane sense of humour and he himself did much of the work on the script before he died. Many times through the movie I would see something and laugh as I remembered it from the novel. The ravenous bug-blatter beast of Trall (sp?). Tea on the Heart of Gold. The pot of petunias. The fjords of Norway. The pan-galactic gargleblaster. But put your mind at ease--if this list means nothing to you then relax. You're obviously sane and these items will mean even less to you when you actually see the movie. :-)

3. There was an omniscient, semipresent narrator that added quite a bit to the movie. The book wouldn't be the same without all of the asides as Adams plumbed the depth of his imagination to furnish snippets of articles from the Guide. Furthermore having some of these snippets displayed visually only made them more enjoyable.

4. Marvin's shape was a bit of a shock, but the more I think about this manically-depressed robot the more I think that it is quite appropriate how cute and friendly he looks. Oh, and his voice is absolutely perfect, just what it should be like. Great line (apart from the continual depression somewhat reminiscent of Eeyore) "The restaurant is at the other end of the universe."

5. If they don't make this into a series I will be greatly disappointed!! I want the rest of my Guide fix!! :-)

Well that is all for now. Needless to say, if you enjoyed the book or any other version of the story then you simply must see this movie. And if you don't enjoy it then something is obviously wrong with your sense of humour. Please go procure a new one.


PS 6. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Eight Days Shy...

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Okay, so I am eight days away from abandoning this blog for a month. *sigh* The days just flew by and I kept looking for the right time to come back. I guess it is now.

Two evenings ago I went down to the museum for an evening of training. I have a new job--not one to replace my current position with the Monkey King exhibit, but one in addition. I'll be working (part time, but normally, i.e. not temporarily, employeed by the Museum Center) as a scheduling supervisor for evening events. Frequently the Museum Center, or more commonly one of the museums will be rented out for the evening. Several staff members are needed to watch the museum and assist these people during the event. I'll not only be one of the supervisors that works these events, but I'll be the one arranging the work schedule for those that have signed up to work evening events. I'll be guaranteed a few hours every other week or so as I set up schedules for upcoming events, and I'll work every few events. :-)

Okay, book front. I just finished reading the Deathstalker series by Simon R. Green. I ran into his Twilight of the Empire a few years ago and devoured it. Shortly thereafter I bought and almost finished reading the Deathstalker series, however for some reason I quit partway through the fourth book. My volumes are currently in storage, however I checked the books out of the library and reread the first few, and I just finished the fifth one. They were excellent reads, and some of the misgivings I had reading the series were alleviated once I reached the conclusion. I'm now reading the two volumes set a couple hundred years after the original series. They're not quite the same style, but the first one (Deathstalker Legacy) is proving to be interesting. I have noticed, however, that it shows definate signs of its age ((c) 2003) in its usage of several internet terms. Sometimes I hate to see a later book in a sci-fi series all of a sudden acquire new terminology that was created in the "real world" since the first books were published. To me this doesn't make the book seem more advanced, rather it makes parts of it seem disjointed with those that came before and in some ways seem more "modern" and less sci-fi. *sigh* Perhaps I'm just too picky, ;-).

Now to movies. Just a few days ago I rewatched The Mummy and watched The Mummy Returns. I loved the movies! Okay, there are several plot holes and they're not on the leve of Casablana, Lord of the Rings, or Ben-Hur--but they're great action flicks in the spirit of Indiana Jones. Once I read that on one review I realized that they did remind me of the IJ series quite a bit. If you haven't seen them then you should go out and rent them (or head to the library) soon--they're well worth the time.

Unfortunately I've not yet seen Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I don't think I'm going to wait for Chris to finish the book so I can go with him. I just need to pick a date and plan to go see it. And then of course I'll have Episode III to watch--I know I can't watch it the day it comes out, but as soon after that as I can I'll be going! :-)

The rest of my life has been pretty good. I've found some new webcomics to read and been pouring through more print books as well. My sister just got back from visiting my folks in California so I've enjoyed the strawberries that she brought back. I really missed the California strawberry season this year!!! :'( :'( But at least I've gotten to enjoy these few berries--so it isn't a total loss! :-)

Hmm...what else can I write about? Oh, I'm wearing something else... ;-) My father sent me one of the yellow "Livestrong" armbands to wear, apparently both he and my mom are wearing them. Seeing as how I never really thought about cancer before both of them were hit I think that it is a good thing. I've already noticed a few people (one at the library, and one at the museum today) . And speaking of the library I need to run in right now to pick up two videos that have come in. :-)